Word Insight

Psychological analysis of the subconscious mind based on self authoring.

Word Insight
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Psychological analysis of the subconscious mind based on self authoring.

“Everybody acts out a myth, but very few people know what their myth is. And you should know what your myth is because it might be a tragedy and maybe you don't want it to be.” - Carl Jung

Word Insight helps you analyse any written text for keywords and contextual cues based on broader comparison with relevant literature to reveal subconscious motivations, emotions and state of mind.

How can it help?

Word Insight can be used to develop a better understanding of your current or past state of mind, bringing things to light, developing your self awareness.

It can potentially help detect*:

  • Self deception
  • Freudian repression
  • Jungian shadow
  • Personal ideal
  • Archetypes

*Disclaimer: This is an experimental project and should not be used for medical diagnosis or as serious health advice.

Other potential applications include analysis of literature, finding similarities among books, songs, movies, as well as discovering hidden themes.

How does it work?

Word Insight uses TF-IDF algorithms and IR techniques to find keywords in a body of text that hold the most psychological significance. This is achieved by comparing it against a large sample set of selected documents to find the words that stand out the most and uniquely identify the body of text provided against a background of similar writing.

This project is currently in development, if you'd like to participate, get in touch by sending an email to leo@tpsc.tech.